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The Thrill of Laughter

What happens to you when you make a mistake and discover it? Moreover, I have to wonder what happens when you make another mistake right after the first one affecting the same group of people! People that you just met! Maybe that never happened to you but recently it happened to me.

I told the story of my mistake to my marketing guru friend and she said, go write a blog about it and I thought that was a perfect idea and one I never would have thought of. Why is it perfect? Because in my past I would have never done such an embarrassing thing. Listen, i’m not anything close to perfect and once upon a time I would have been so mortified and so horrified and yes, even filled with shame over a simple mistake. You couldn’t have paid me to share about it. As you can see, that’s not what happened this time!

Before, there would be this booming voice echoing as if I were deep in a cave. At any random moment the voice screamed and echoed telling me what a failure I am, how embarrassed I should be and what are they going to say about me….again!

There used to be this roller coaster of emotions swirling in my thoughts never letting me get off this cycle of thinking. I would have berated myself each moment the memory of my mistake came into back into focus. I’d worry who saw my mistake. Who did they tell? And following the drama, I would not be able to jump off the insidious roller coaster of chatter taking up residence in my mind for quite some time.