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Perfection Perception

Can you identify that time in your life where you discovered that doing things the way you always have just doesn't cut it anymore? You see that what you thought was working either never did and you didn’t notice or suddenly, it has dramatically been brought to your attention. One day, either like a 2x4 whacked over your head or the culmination of lots of little messages, it becomes intolerable.

First comes your awareness. Then it seems to grow and fester and become intrusive or intolerable. Suddenly it's always in your face and you can see how much it might be hurting you and even others in your life.

I see it in my own life and I hear it over and over again with my clients, friends and colleagues. I think it's Gods way of nudging us.

I imagine Him gently and lovingly saying to me;

“Hey Sandy....I'm trying to show you something new here.

Do you want to do better, feel better and learn something new?

Would you like to struggle less”? Hellooooo… (fingers tapping) you still there?

This brings Isaiah 43:19 to mind: