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Coaching is a life altering experience and I can tell you why from my own personal experience.

Throughout my life, I had a nagging, constant ache that I was meant for something special. I could never put my finger on it and it would torment me. I had this unknown, undefined dream that I had no way to discover.


I went through life feeling disappointed in myself, broken and ultimately, unfixable. I lacked confidence and self-worth in a big way and because of that I never had my own voice. Stick around and you’ll see that now, I have voice and a God-given purpose as well as a healthy dose of self-worth. I'm giving God the glory for all of it because I sure know I didn’t do it.


So, I suppose looking back over my life, in many ways, all of the lack I had really crippled me. More important is that God used it to fuel my need for Him to do the spiritual, heart, mind and body changes in me. Little did I know that it all had a bigger purpose and was a part of my destiny. 

A lifetime of being uncomfortable in my own skin led to many unhealthy behaviors and challenges. It also led me to many therapists and counselors. Some of them were quite wonderful. Yet, somehow I never felt “fixed” or okay. I was always seeking the fix and the final cure. I sought the "secret" reason that I was always feeling fragmented and broken. Eventually, I was back in therapy until I finally discovered coaching.

Coaching was finally the difference. It helped me to move past where I was stuck. Nothing had ever done that before because I was always looking back and trying to heal from and fix the past.

What I discovered was that the past was never going to be fixed but the future can be re-imagined, reinvented and reborn. The undefined dream I lacked a vision for was coming into focus. The past may have hurt, but it never controlled me again. I learned to move forward anyway! God led the way and made it crystal clear for me.

Coaching moves us to where we want to be even when we have no idea how to get there or what the destination even looks like. Eventually, all of that can be uncovered and that’s where confidence and success are finally born. Then you can fly as only you can. God created you for His purpose. It's your destiny that's waiting for you. He has to be the one to do the heavy lifting but you my friend have got to start by asking Him. 

Schedule your FREE coaching call below. 

Please know that filling out the form to request your free 30-minute coaching discovery call is the hardest part. But, once you take that first step and you see how I can help, you will finally be on your way to ridding yourself of the constant helpless feelings, the doubt, the insecurity and the failure thinking syndrome you are so well acquainted with. I am no better or more special than you. God has for you, your version of what He has done for me. You just have to take the out-stretched hand that is mine, waiting to pull you up into calm waters. 

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