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Since I have worked with Sandy Lee, my life has totally improved. As much as I would bend over to do things for others, I was also selfish, spoiled and materialistic. I felt lost and had no meaning or purpose in life. I made the same dead end decisions. I now see More God in my life. I have more confidence that things are happening FOR me not TO me. I see God as being more than a church and I can worship and have a relationship with Him. I now see that I focus on what matters and not the small stupid stuff. I see continual growth with God and trust in Him. 


Working with Sandy also taught me that I'm here on earth for a reason and a purpose.  I just didn’t know what that purpose was.  I didn’t know that's what I was missing in my life. She helped me to find a new perspective which was to become my new focus.  

My childhood passion of horses was always out of reach for me to the point I buried it so far down in my heart I would brush it off when the subject came up.  Sandy brought that passion back up to the tippy top of my heart and helped me find a way to have my passion for horses and be around them. Because of this I’m now a core volunteer helping rescue and saving their lives. I'm on the medical team, and going to workshops representing them.  

My husband has also joined me at the rescue and has been working very close with the vet.  When we first discovered my passion for horses I couldn’t see how it could be a part of my life with out Veterinarian School and a complete life shift. Sandy helped me to see I could find a way to make it happen. As a direct result of this, we are in search of a property so we can save/adopt 2 horses of our own.  Being at the rescue and saving horses is our true calling from God. Sue Stackhouse


Sandy was loving and supportive yet also tough on me when I needed it.  I needed that to get me unstuck. Everything was positive. I now know what to do and I take the steps needed to get it done.  

-Sue S. 






I just read your book, "Don't give up your confidence without a fight".  It was awesome!  I have a small Bible study in my home and I am going to suggest that we all read your book and follow your instructions.  I know everyone, all people, will benefit from what I read in your book.  Thank you for putting it out there for all of us to read!  Praise God for people like you!!!

-Susan A.


I attended Sandy Lee's 'Discovering Your Unshakeable Confidence' workshop and it was phenomenal. I was so thankful for all that she shared. I needed to hear every word more than I could ever imagine. It was truly a blessing to be surrounded by so many others who are inspired to grow and change and find their true confidence. I would recommend Sandy Lee's workshops to anyone.

-Shane C.




In the three months since we've been working with Sandy, each separately and also together, we have discovered confidence in ourselves that we weren’t able to find before. We each now know how to find the right words and stand in our truth.  This has led to much more peace and definitely joy in our lives!  Sincerely, Mike and Sandy

-Sandy & Mike


With time spent coaching with Sandy I have learned new awarenesses and skills to finally jump over the walls I’ve lived with while I finally   am watching them crumble away. They are no longer so tall and insurmountable and I am no longer imprisoned by them. I actually can now see over them toward my new journey that I've never imagined before. My memories of my ironclad walls and rabbit holes serve as a reminder now and no longer a death sentence.

-Danna R.

Coaching and working with Sandy began when my wife was looking to become more career oriented and I was an aspiring writer that, through duties associated with family, home, and work, found it difficult to get motivated to write. In many ways we were heading down separate paths that were putting a great amount of strain on our marriage. With the aid of Sandy's coaching we have found that what we sought was the same, that we were just taking different paths to get there. She helped us learn what we needed to communicate and now our marriage is stronger than ever. My wife has grown in her career and continues to move forward in it. As for myself, I have made more progress in the last 6 months than I had in about the last 4 years. Sandy has helped us see the potential in ourselves, and by making us hold ourselves accountable, has driven us to reach that potential.

-Tim and Chantelle


I was able to take an Identity and Destiny Class with Sandy last year and it profoundly affected my trajectory. I learned to appreciate all God made me to be and learn what it really means to "walk by faith". After going through the class I was able to listen for God's direction and trust where He is leading me, even when it doesn't seem clear to me.

Sandy continues to walk with me and guide me to listen to God's voice and let the other voices I hear become background to the work He is doing. Weekly, Sandy helps hold me accountable to what I say I am going to do, she gives me insight into my struggles and celebrates my wins with me.

-Shannon Carlton
















Now I know, with God's help that I am following the path that He set for me. I am fulfilled and creating the life He wants me to lead.

Without Sandy’s guidance and insight, this class wouldn't have been the same. Doing this in a group environment made all of the difference instead of doing it on my own. I would highly recommend this class or private coaching with Sandy if you want to change your life and be in alignment with God's vision of you.

-Susan LeBlanc’s Story

The class Sandy taught was an amazing experience and not at all what I expected. I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to

grow closer to God and is interested in unfolding your life purpose planned long ago by God himself.  As a young stay at home mom it really helped me to discover so many things about myself that were a wonderful surprise. 

I would not recommend anyone attempting this program on your own. Sandy has been a light throughout this process. Sharing this experience with someone with such a deep past and with a tremendous testimony has made it so much easier and comfortable to get through each week.

This program is such a beautiful experience to go through. I encourage you to take it. God will reveal so many secrets about yourself and

your life will be changed forever. There is no way that you can take this class and not gain something from it. I call it "my little encounter with God”. Trust me, if you never had one before or claim to have never heard Him speak to you before, you will through this program and through Sandy’s dedication and teaching.

-A Young Stay at Home Mom

Hi , My name is Nichole and I would like to tell you how happy I am that Sandy and the Identity and Destiny class she taught were brought into my life. I have learned much more than I ever imagined about myself. I learned about who I am and why I am here but most important, I learned why God made me the way He did. I also realized that He has made us all different for His special reason. I have learned that I have many talents and they are all wired through me for a purpose.


This class has helped me to make major changes in my life in such a short period and I am very thankful for that. It has brought me comfort, happiness and some clarity on how life might be in the future and I can’t wait to jump in.

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants or needs a close relationship with God. I feel everything happens for a reason and  I think I have found it for myself. I now have a relationship with God but I know  there is more in store for me that is bigger and brighter than what it

is now.I wanted to say thank you to for all you have done for me already and I will always cherish this life experience.




Amazing! Just What I Needed! 

I learned so much about myself and others but most importantly I learned to refocus, and practice hearing from God. Meditation was not that easy for me but it was amazing once I learned how to tune in to God and tune out the world.

The guidance given by Sandy in Identity and Destiny ( by Tom & Pam Wolf)  helped me to stay focused; and the questions to ask our Father God about His Word, were so helpful!  ALL the homework and the sharing in class made it more practical and at the same time insightful and emotional. In this group we grew close to each other and will stay in touch, hopefully. 


Sandy, you did a fantastic job! You were candid, resourceful and you wisely kept us on track. In order to have some accountability and assistance sorting some things out and fulfill my destiny and assignment I signed up for private sessions and I’m glad I did! It was amazing! The tools given and assignments are helping me to bring it all together. This class and Sandy were just what I needed.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May God continue to bless you and use you for His glory and for His Kingdom!

- With Love, Amy L



My name is Dianna and I am worthless. That's what I use to think of myself. After all who would want and appreciate damaged goods? When

I was a child my stepfather molested me and although I don't remember it this process helped me see how it ruled over my whole life. I felt

I had nothing to offer. The most precious thing I had to give was taken. When I was 18, I moved out of my parents house for a guy I thought loved me. Just after my 19th birthday, I was having my first child alone.


For three years I was living from place to place on the streets and when I was just barely twenty I met my youngest daughters father. At first he was the perfect gentlemen. Four months later I got pregnant and it was like a switch flipped. He became unfaithful,  verbally abused me and when I was seven months pregnant he choked me. Then, the next day he took me out to lunch as an apology and then left me two weeks later. I tried to find a friend to take me in but they all said "call home". That was the beginning of my turning point.


I went home and started back at church. and started to finish my education. About two months ago I heard about Sandy's class called Identity and Destiny (by Tom & Pam Wolf) and I decided to give it a try. I had gotten so afraid of the direction I was going that I ran  a little too

fast the other way. Sandy's guidance and this book help me realize what my assignment or priorities should be for right now and what

GOD has planned for me in my future. It walked me through who I really was and the lies I had been told about of myself. It helped me realize that GOD never throws away "damaged goods."


I am loved and worthy of that love in His eyes and HIS love will exceed any earthly man’s love. I had already known this for fourteen years yet it never really clicked until I went through this process. I am GOD’s daughter, loving, charming, determined and worthy.

I am Dianna, I am twenty years old, I am a mother of two beautiful girls and I am breaking the cycle. 



Susan A
Snannon B.

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What a great "Unshakable Confidence" webinar with you, Sandy Lee!! You made revelational points that we ALL struggle with at some point in our lives! Your transparency is so appreciated and I can see how God has used that to make you stronger within yourself! Your example, love for others, and your passionate desire to help people the way God helped you is tremendous - and so needed in this world! Thanks again!  

-Shannon B.


A Friend of mine invited me to take Sandy's class with her. I didn't decide right away that I would take it. I thought, well I've done plenty of personal development classes and read dozens of books. I am good.


Suffice it to say that I am thrilled with the results of these 8 weeks. I have deepened my relationship with God and myself. I have found my destiny. I thought, for sure, that I was going to confirm that the path I was on was the right path.


By opening my mind and heart to God I found out that I was not on the right path. It was like I was putting on a really cute shoe that is too small matter what I did it just wouldn't fit. Without this class, I wouldn't have paid attention to the common threads (that were there the whole time). There they were plain as day when I completed the assignments.

Hi, my name is Carol and I am Sandy's coaching client. The class she taught plus private coaching with Sandy truly is the best thing you can do for yourself. It's a small investment for the class, a short 8 weeks, and the most rewarding and eye-opening experience. When you combine it with private coaching...WOW!

Sandy Lee is a great life coach who will teach you how to take those broken pieces of your life and piece them together to create one beautiful you. God's Word is at the core of this program and Sandy's coaching, so if you don't have a relationship with God when you begin, you will when you end it, and it will be a good thing. Still skeptical? I've done it and am here to tell you that you have nothing to lose, but only a better life to gain. Go for it and live your dream!!

-Carol W’s Spiritual High

Going to Sandy Lee’s Confidence Revolution Project class was a life changing experience. When it started, I came to this class on empty. The life I had as a child was very tough and traumatic and because of that I had many co-dependent relationships. I was on empty but no one knew because I always have a smile on my face!


I felt an immediate connection to someone in the class who has had many struggles too!

Each week I had moment of clarity about how I became the person I was and through the class I was able to change what I wanted to change. BIG A-HA moments every week! I was guided by Sandy Lee to learn scriptural truths and finally able to move forward as I learned who God created me to be. I was ready and finally learning how to overcome through the step by step process (there are 5).


My life is still rolling along, sometimes it still feels like I am climbing a mountain but now,  I’m doing it with new tools and I know how to continue doing this work. I can see new ways to climb and the mountain doesn’t look so terrifyingly big anymore. 


I’m no longer co-dependent; I live with integrity, a new sense of peace, a new sense of self and I finally have confidence….. and I hope you will see how this can happen for you too.  You're worth it!  Thank you Sandy,


-Lynn K.


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