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Take Your Foot Off the Brake!

It seems that these days I’ve been thinking in metaphors. I have no idea why. I have no idea when this came to be, I just go with it.

It's the way God speaks to me these days. I think I'm ALL in but I'm pretty sure there is plenty of room for self improvement. How about you?

I've had this image in mind of so many of us as we are driving along the road of life. We have one foot very gingerly on our vehicles gas pedal and the other foot smashed down hard on the brake.

I wonder, what would life look like if you gave yourself permission to take your foot off the brake and apply a little pressure to the gas pedal of your life? I know so many of us don’t even realize how much stress and pressure we are forcing onto that brake but many of us do exactly that.

We do this for various personal and experiential reasons. Many of those reasons we are oblivious to and they are unintentionally on autopilot. Sometimes it's based on it being all we have known in the past. Maybe we once had a need to limit ourselves and possibly just lived in survival mode, plain and simple.

Fear, worry, what will others think or will say are factors as we hit the brake with more force than we knew we had. It just simply is, and we have gotten complacent and comfortable with being scared and uncomfortable.