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Growing Up Sandy...The Saga Continue's

So, if you remember, I ended part 2 of Growing up Sandy with such a dysfunctional view of myself and a totally skewed idea of what I was supposed to be in order to fit into the worlds expectations of me. I thought and believed, now that I was thin….that all was good in disillusionville (yes, I made that word up).

Part 3

Anyway, my unintentional goal became, let’s make up for lost dating/boy time. Let’s just say my judgement was off, my self respect was no longer a consideration. I’ll leave out most of the details except for a few key points.

My part time job at the local Toys R Us for Christmas 1977 (I think) led me to a cute manager. We went out on a date. I was 18 and he was quite ashamed to tell me he was separated from his wife and 30. On my date with him, I was date raped. I spent years blaming myself and even more ashamed.