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Growing Up Sandy (The Depression Era)

There’s that moment when you just know everything in your life has not unfolded according to plan. Liked you missed the boat, the memo, the newsflash completely! Do you know what I mean?

You might be bold enough to admit it and you try to make the necessary changes and adjustments OR if you are anything like I was, you may just keep skating around it and living your status quo life. You may hope no one notices and most importantly, you work really hard to keep yourself from thinking about it too often.

For me, I knew the truth that was hiding in my heart but I never had the courage admit it or do something about it. I was living out of alignment with who I was. I was stuck, ashamed, embarrassed but kept going in the same direction day after day. Looking back it’s all worked out to be a good thing because it got me to where I am now. However, back then, it didn’t feel so great. As a matter of fact, I felt depressed and hopeless.

Depression kicked in when I was in my late 20’s. It was as if I was living this life with a big boulder sitting on my shoulders and it was crushing everything in me. If you’ve been depressed you know what I mean. It just stops you from living and from being you. It keeps you from even dipping your big toe in the waters toward discovering and knowing who God created you to be. Depressed or not, we’re all looking for more of that anyway right?

1 Peter 5:6-7