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Great Expectations?

Doesn't it seem like we spend a ton of time waiting for something we've worked so hard on to come to fruition? We do all this work, and find all of this energy and motivation and we sit back and wait. And then we wait some more.

Maybe like me, you start to get a little impatient which eventually grows into frustration and suddenly you are jumping out of your skin because you just can't wait another minute for "IT" to happen...whatever IT is!

I think sometimes we learn the most while we wait. Whether we wait for a promotion or for our business to take off or even for pounds to drop or a failing relationship to turn around...we wait and we expect.

Expectation.....seems like a harmless enough word but what is really wrapped up in that word? We think of the outcome we want and how it should all turn out. IF ONLY, I got that promotion I could ___________ If only my spouse or child would learn to _____________ life would be so much more peaceful. You get it right? But, what if, in the actual process of going after better things in our lives, looking for things to work out in our own way, we might be missing something even bigger and better?