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2017: The Year of Distractions

Can you possibly have as many distractions in your life as I do?

I suppose a better question might be, who doesn’t? Thats just life these days.

I think if I had to give 2017 a name it would be titled “2017 The Year Of Distractions”.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems that the more I get myself together, the more I feel like I don’t have it together. Yea, think about that. Not easy to admit it but I think it may be true for many of us. Am I all alone in this?

There is so much vying for our attention that the minute we fix our eye’s on something that will lead to new growth and a better relationship with God it seems that old familiar squirrel comes dashing in front of us and we turn around and run from what is best for us. Most of the time, in total oblivion.

The more we learn our own truth, the quicker our eye’s seem to be opened to what we still don’t know. The more our eye’s are fixed on God, the more He can show us things He wants us to teach us. But we have so much going on that it’s as if spiritual and personal growth are a constantly moving target.


1 Corinthians 10:12

Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing securely should watch out

so he doesn’t fall.