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Growing Up Sandy

Good Lord, what a life! I feel the need to start right there because so often I had wondered, what in the world would life have been like if I had God in my life as a child? Maybe I wouldn’t have felt so horribly self conscious, so ashamed simply by waking up as me each day.

I used to imagine having this family that laughed and told stories about their day over the dinner table, who went to church together, loved each other in a healthy close way, hugging and so many easy “I love you’s” expressed. It’s easy to picture other families living that way when you’re looking from the outside in but I’m thinking that not too many resemble that fantasy I had.

I’d daydreamed wondering what would have been if only I had felt loved, adored and cherished.

  • What if someone told me how special I was?

  • What if a parent looked me in the eyes and showed me how much I mattered?

  • What if someone recognized my learning challenges?

  • What if someone saw something special in me and invested in me? Mentored me?