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Iron Sharpens Iron

Lessons that we learn and grow from can sometimes come in the most unexpected packages. Have you ever noticed that? If we can have an open heart as well as a discerning eye to see and ears to hear we open ourselves to teachings and experiences that otherwise may have never been noticed or learned. This has been the case for the wonderful class I am coaching for some young women. Sometimes I am right there getting insights into my own life just from the interactions in my class. The result is, iron sharpens iron in this class.

What this experience reminds me of is Proverbs 27:17NIV where it says: Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Well in this case one young woman sharpens another.

None of us really get through life without making mistakes and some of them are big ones. Sometimes I think these young women I am coaching are teaching me more then I am teaching them. Of course this isn’t really the case but as the a-ha’s are revealed we are learning so much from each others experiences and awareness’s. That’s partly what a Christian life should be about.

It is always an amazing thing to see how God’s plan unfolds for each of us and if we can listen and learn, we grow because of His grace and His wisdom. I believe He does not want us to do that alone so as we become sharpened, we can help the person that comes along and needs the sharpening we just learned. That’s why through coaching , I can see how God gives us purpose in our pain and struggles.

What is always the best surprise to me is seeing how after the hardship or difficult situation has passed, we can see how God has made a new place for us….a fresh starting point. Life feels easy and great again and we want to dwell in that place for as long as possible.

With out those valleys of life how can we rejoice in the peaks? So as we go through the valleys, naturally we turn to God but sometimes we also need to push pride aside and reach out to a Pastor, a friend a counselor or a Christian Life Coach and ask for help. When we are built up from our sufferings, we then are there with outreached hands to be that friend with compassion and experience to help another who is living in the place that we were brought out of with Grace from the Lord. For help with moving forward instead of staying stuck go to

Luke 2:10 And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

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