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Why Are You Settling For Less In Life?

Why are you settling for less in life? I wonder how many of us are just living a ho-hum existence or settling for less. Why does it seem that some people have the drive to move from accomplishing one goal to the next while the rest of us can barely get the daily chores on our to-do list done and never achieve the goals we dream of?

As a Christian Life Coach I help people by working beyond their obstacles and the things that rob them of their energy and drive so that they stop settling for less. Being held accountable can make the difference for some people so that they can stop settling and begin to reach those goals. Having even more of an impact can be in having a professional who knows the right questions to ask. These questions are designed to help you think out of the box in which you may have become so accustomed to.

Problem solving seems to be much easier when we try to help someone else with their problem or stumbling blocks but we tend not to dive too deeply for ourselves. When we don’t know how to move forward or how to get out of that rut we are dragged down by, we limit our potential and our joy which crushes out ability to reach our goals. That in turn means we cannot possibly give God, our families, our community and our jobs the best we have. Then, that results in us being tired, stuck living our life and settling for less.