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Are You sick and tired of not being all you know you could be?

Confidence is the gateway to everything you ever dreamed of!

And this one of a kind offering will help you discover the confidence you want in your life that can change everything for you! 

It's Your Time to Draw a Line in the Sand!

You've told me you constantly:

~ Compare yourself to other women

~ You feel like you just don't have what it takes to succeed

~ You wonder if you'll ever get it together...aka hot mess syndrome

~ You believe feeling confident just is wishful thinking and for other women

You've said you are tired of the struggle with:

~ Feeling you don't have what it takes 

~ Feeling Alone 

~ Constantly Comparing

~ Feeling Ashamed 

~ Broken ( I know I did!)

~ You tell yourself you can't because: (fill in the blank with your circumstance)

~ You replay the secret voice saying you'll never have(fill in the blank with what you want) 

And guess what? It's all been a lie!

What IF You Could Finally Get Permission To Just Do You, In 6 Short Weeks?

Replace the endless negative chatter and finally:

 ~ Release Self Confidence so you discover the much anticipated and deeply buried voice you know is within you

 ~ Stop fear from running your life so you can make the impact you're craving to  make with unshakeable confidence and powered up determination


 ~ Watch your business & bank accounts flourish so you can leave a legacy and give to whoever and whatever moves you


  ~ Live with resilience and know when you fall, it's that failure that is the   springboard to the life and business filled to the brim with success!  

  And Finally.....


  •  See The Amazing Woman You Are

  • Know You Can Be A Successful Business Owner

  • Rediscover the Dream You Know You Have Inside

  • See Gods Hand On Your Life 

  • Impact Others Lives Knowing You Made a Difference

  • Live Your God-Given Destiny With Purpose!

  • All....While You Can Make More Money too!

Introducing The Confidence Revolution Project

This program is the proven, powerful pathway for you to reach deep inside yourself and uncover this amazing unshakeable confidence that allows you to create the miracle in your life you've been waiting for. 

Then you can live those dreams you lost hope of ever achieving!

No matter what you've been through 

No matter how badly you've been hurt

No matter if everything you've tried before has failed

I discovered powerful, simple secrets that literally transformed my life. In the past I experienced painful shame and felt like a failure. I felt like I didn't measure up and I didn't have what it takes to succeed.

When I connected new found confidence with my desire to make an impact, everything turned around.

Finally Make An Impact

You want to make a big

difference in the world

God gave you something special to share but you don't know what that means for you.

Find your voice!

Boldly dig your feet in

Stand tall


Leave that legacy so you can

Make your world a better place 

Discover Your Dreams

Reach deep inside

and uncover some

(or ALL)

of those dreams you gave up

on long ago because... 

YES!  I’ve seen it over and over!

You can still live the dreams

you may have thought

you had to give up on.

Don't  give up on your dreams!

Make the Money You Want

If Only....

You had the energy,

The focus,

The direction and

The voice

To make all of the money

You want to make

Then, you can live the life of your dreams, make the impact you are craving to make

Yes! You can actually have the life you desire

Sandy helped me to finally change and move forward as God showed
me who He created me to be through The Confidence Revolution Project

Going to Sandy Lee’s Confidence Revolution Project class was a life changing experience. When it started, I came to this class on empty. 


 But I felt an immediate connection to someone in the class who has had many struggles too!

There were BIG A-HA moments every week! I was guided by Sandy Lee to learn scriptural truths and finally able to move forward as I learned who God created me to be.


I’m no longer co-dependent; I live with integrity, a new sense of peace, a new sense of self and I finally have confidence….. and I hope you will see how this can happen for you too.  You're worth it!  Thank you Sandy, Lynn K.

 When you join us for this life changing course you will become B.R.A.V.E.
Week 1 - Believe in Transformation 
What led you to these beliefs that you blindly bought into from the world? How WILL you get rid of them?  Faith and a new awareness is the cornerstone of stepping into the experience of this transformation once and for all. 
​Week 2 - Revelation to Revolution!
Begin to Identify YOUR truth. Real questions. Real truth answers. We're digging deep into identifying the impact of what you've believed and you'll be amazed as you go through your days seeing how much these lies show up once you become aware of your auto-piloted self talk. 
Week 3 - Abolish the Chatter!
Ahhhh, the endless and almost silent chatter! You're going to shut it down and redesign your thought life and begin to ask God what He says about you. You'll get confirmation and make a clean fresh start. In order to make space for the new, we have to abolish the old. 
Week 4 - Reverse and Relearn a New Thing 
Create new truth you can really believe!  Can you even imagine being able to flip the switch and turn off the chatter instantly? This new truth comes with undeniable proof. It's where new Unshakeable Confidence is born!
Week 5 - Claim Victory
What will life look like when you face future challenges? How can you maintain and manage this mindset shift day in and day out? Don't worry for a second. If I can do this I know you can too. Just trust God and know He will do the heavy lifting but you do have to build a little muscle too!
Week 6 - Empowered to Thrive and pass this on
This last week is actually your beginning. Remember that saying "Today is the first day of the rest of your life"? You've learned a lot and you can't go back to old thinking. You now know too much. You see life through a new lens and your vision is going to get clearer and clearer. Now, pass it on...
Confidence, Freedom
What if in just 6 weeks you could learn 
how to use the tools God gave me
so that you too could transform 
the course of the rest of your life? 
Would having Unshakeable Confidence change your life?


Get a One on One

"Confusion to Confidence Breakthrough "Session with me 

Hi, if you don't know me, my name is Sandy Lee. Just a few short years ago.....

 I struggled with a fierce lack of confidence, insecurity, constantly comparing myself to everyone I met

and I believed I didn't have what it takes to overcome this affliction and I would always feel like a failure. 


At over 50 years old I took my first coaching course and it cracked opened a door I never would have recognized was for me. God began a new work in me. Before I knew what happened, clients were telling me they wanted confidence like I had. Those pivotal moments made me think hard and ask God what did He do and why me? 

What I saw was the undeniable blueprint God gave me to finally obtain Unshakeable Confidence.

He then asked me to share it with others.

I knew I had this untapped confidence hiding all along but it always eluded me. What I now know is that I am not more special or more loved by God and if he can do this miraculous change in me, he can do it in you too. 

It breaks my heart to see other people who are at least as talented and as capable as I am and who have even more to give than I do being held back by a lack of confidence.

The struggle is real and so is the solution.

If I can have Unshakeable Confidence you can too!

Shannon learned to stop the negative self talk, she learned new

empowering beliefs and this new truth was a game changer

I thoroughly enjoyed the Confidence Revolution Project with Sandy Lee! Her heart for people and her dedication to helping them work through personal and circumstantial traumas and all of those stories we all learned to tell ourselves is remarkable!


Some of the content seems so logical and simple, but it's not easy for most of us. A lot of the the power comes from working through things together and sharing in a safe environment that lends itself to true healing.


Learning how to identify and move away from the pain of our automated negative self talk toward new empowering beliefs you can truly believe in is a game changer for life. It's something that is ongoing.

Sandy says, you can't un-know what you now know and she wants us to know our own truth and be set free.

The Next Class Begins 

October 11

6:30pm - 8pm

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