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Seems we're all striving for confidence but we clearly struggle with actually finding it right?
Society, advertising and marketing companies sell it to us AS IF....we can purchase it.
IF confidence could be bought wouldn't you already have it?
You can't buy a car, wear a smaller size, live in a better bigger house, buy a cute bag, a hot shoe or.......fill in the blank because if you would already BE confident.
We've been brainwashed, hijacking and all lumped together and put in "the box".
I don't know about you but I don't want to be in "that" box! Do you?
SO, Join us in the second Confidence Revolution Project
Here is what Lynn had to say about the last class:

Going to Sandy Lee’s Confidence Revolution Project class was a life changing experience. When it started, I came to this class on empty. The life I had as a child was very tough and traumatic and because of that I had many co-dependent relationships. I was on empty but no one knew because of the smile on my face!


I felt an immediate connection to someone in the class who has had many struggles too!

Each week I had moment of clarity about how I became the person I was and through the class I was able to change what I wanted to change. BIG A-HA moments every week! I was guided by Sandy Lee to learn scriptural truths and finally able to move forward as I learned who God created me to be. I was ready and finally learning how to overcome, step by step (there are 5).


My life is still rolling along, sometimes it still feels like I am climbing a mountain but now,  I’m doing it with new tools and I know how to continue doing this work. I can see new ways to climb and the mountain doesn’t look so terrifyingly big anymore. 


I’m no longer co-dependent; I live with integrity, a new sense of peace, a new sense of self and I finally have confidence….. and I hope you will see how this can happen for you too.  You're worth it!  Thank you Sandy, Lynn K.

What to Expect:
Beginning March 6, 2017 
  • For 6 consecutive Mondays
  • 7pm - 8:30pm Online
  • Limited Size Group
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Slides 
  • Weekly Video's 
  • Mindset Shifting weekly work
  • Community
  • Coaching
  • Bonus Coaching Call to dig deeper after week 3
Do you want to discover Unshakable Confidence even when no one agree's with you?
Want to get rid of the stories, lies and disempowering beliefs that have held you back for so long?
Can you imagine the possibilities of moving through life with boldness and feeling empowered?
What if 6 weeks gave you the tools that change the course of the rest of your life?
Thats what God showed me and I'm passing it on to you!
 Learn My 5 tools and use them over and over and finally change how you and your life feel!
 Then... pass it on to others.

What will YOUR confident life look like?

What is it costing while you ignore how it feels to live without that?

Had enough yet? 

Learn what God taught me and change your life forever! 


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