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Work With Sandy

Free 30 Minute Discovery Call with Sandy


Connect with Sandy, book your one time complimentary discovery coaching call now.

Zoom, Doxy, FaceTime & Skype available too

Need a Quick S.O.S Call? 60 minutes

Email for Pricing

Not a client but need someone to talk to? Having trouble with a situation, grieving or just need some sound advice? Book a one-time call with Sandy and get the confidence you need to move forward regardless of your circumstances. Help is just a call away!

Marital Shake-Up - 75 minutes

Email For Pricing

Have you and your spouse been disconnected? Arguing? Questioning your love for each-other? Sometimes it just takes someone from the outside to help you connect again and discover why it was you fell in love.

Meet with Sandy...shake-up your relationship and get it back on track. 

Client Appointments 60 Min

Current Clients

If you are currently a client of Sandy's you can conveniently schedule or move your coaching appointment here. 

Absolute Accountability 4 weekly 20 Minute Calls

$149 for 4 monthly calls

Who doesn't need help staying on track? I know I do and fall flat on my face when I stop checking in with my coach. Wait until you experience true accountability. Tough love and accountability combined equals accomplishing your goals (which we can work on too).

Relationship Rescue for Your "Family" 90 minutes

Email or Call for More Info

Struggling with conflicts that are tearing you and loved ones apart? A little non-judgmental and unbiased intervention can result in a new crystal clear understanding.... and may be just what the doctor ordered. You won't know if you don't try. For local clients; a home visit is preferred and available as an option.

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